Bare in Bermuda - Livia Ellis I love reading books by Livia Ellis. I think that her writing style is really good. However, this book was a bit disappointing because it had lots of typos and some editorial mistakes, such as missing text or the brusque ending, which was a huge disappointment and not what I would have expected from Livia. As I said, I know her writing style very well, I also know her, and it seemed impossible that she had committed such a mistake. But I guess that's what happens when the authors don't have 100% control of their books. And we cannot blame them for that.

It was great to read a story whose characters were not the typical teenagers who have a crush and then discover they are deeply in love. Mature characters can make great characters in erotica books and their development is more enjoyable. It is easier to relate to Henna and her feelings than to relate to a teenager's feelings, taking into account that this is erotica and the audience tends to be formed by adults. The story was quite entertaining, although it wasn't something that blew my mind. I know that Livia can do better and she will improve a lot in the next book in the series (yes, people, this is the first book in a series, so the ending wasn't brusque, but a cliffhanger; we will see more of Henna and her caballero caliente in upcoming books).

So if you enjoy erotica books with a touch of fairy tale, this is the book for you. I will await to read the next book in the series.