Traces of Kara

Traces of Kara - Melissa Foster I have enjoyed the rest of books written by Melissa Foster, and this one was enjoyable too, even though I found it way darker than the rest of books. Dark plot, dark characters, and even dark setting to add extra feelings of desperation and agony.

Kara faces a change of life after her divorce, but her plans will be crushed when her past comes to haunt her. A very dark past that she had forgotten and which she will discover little by little, while getting very surprised at the facts of her childhood she cannot remember. Her long-lost twin brother has decided to kidnap her, following his compulsive obsession to be next to her. But his plans go beyond that...

A thrilling story of mysteries from the past that will involve lots of characters as the plot develops. However, I found it predictable and I guessed most of the things that were going to happen. I also had real problems to like the character of Kara's mother: Mimi. Her behaviour is just annoying and childish, inconsistent, and it struck me as a very odd characterisation for such a character.

Overall is a good story, so if you like thrillers that keep you reading, pick up a copy of this book.