The Millionaire's Games (The Full Series)

The Millionaire's Games (The Full Series) - Helen    Cooper What can I say about this erotica book? Lots of things, and not too good ones. First of all, the editing is not very good, and the many typos, punctuation mistakes, and even missing words kept me distracted and annoying me as to focus on the story. The story... Well, it seems there is not a real plot. A young woman who starts dating a guy she doesn't like, who happens to be her boss, but in the end she hooks up with his brother, who is richer. But she doesn't want people to think she is a gold-digger. Go figure. Things are messy, characters come and go, and in the end you only get the impression that this book is just a bunch of sex scenes glued together by a lame attempt at creating some plot. As for the sex scenes, some of them are so unrealistic that they just made me snort or chuckle. I won't say more just in case some of you choose to read this book; I wouldn't like to spoil anything. The author creates repetitive sex scenes that, after reading the fourth one, become dull to read. I don't feel tempted to read more from this author.