Disenchanted - C.L. Raven When I met these lovely twins on Twitter, I learnt that they wrote horror stories. I am not a reader of horror books. I am scared very easily. It took me some time to decide to read their collection of stories "Gunning Down Romance", but once I did that, I couldn't help but love their style. Their horror stories are filled with wit, funny bits, and sexy scenes and characters. They had won a fan, and it was not easy, since I am not a reader of horror stories.

So I knew that Disenchanted wasn't going to disappoint me. And that is why I am giving it 5 stars. In this collection of twisted fairytales you can find a bit of everything that is so characteristic of the twins' writing style: horror, sexy encounters, absurd situations that can make you smile, and lots of talent. Forget about the fairytales that you were told when you were a kid. This version of the fairy tales that we all know are even better. The princes are not what you expect, the princesses are determined, rebellious women, and the witches are really bad. Expect the unexpected as you read the different stories, since things are not what they seem at first sight.

The characters are well defined and surprising. The plots are very clever and you can both recognise the original fairy tale and acknowledge the creativity behind the dark re-imagining of those fairy tales. Highly recommendable, but only for adults.