The Sin Collector (Book 1)

The Sin Collector (Book 1) - Jessica Fortunato I was recommended to read this book some time ago, and it had been in my Kindle for a couple of months. I decided to make it jump up in my TBR list and it seems it is one of the best things I could do. It is an amazing story that kept me reading for hours without ever thinking of putting it down.

Liliana is a sin collector. She can feel other people's sins and help them to go to the next life without the heavy burden of their sins. When she starts finding clues that lead her to think that maybe someone is tracking Collectors down, she feels she must be in danger. Follow Liliana in an incredible journey in which she will discover new things, new secrets, and new people. What if you find another Collector? What if those Collectors you meet hide things? Can you trust everybody who try to help you? Read this amazing story and find out the answers.

The pace of the story is very fast, keeping the reader reading non-stop, not letting the reader's mind wander over unnecessary or too long descriptions. A wonderfully crafted story, with well-defined characters and a good plot. It reminded me of a movie I saw many years ago, in which I was changing my mind constantly about who was the evil character. In this story you cannot be sure of anything till you reach the end, so the suspense is very well achieved. Unexpected twists and secrets unveiling before your eyes, this story won't disappoint you.

I will definitely read more of this author. Well done!