Gunning Down Romance - C.L. Raven For someone who doesn't like horror stuff, I have enjoyed very much the three stories included in this collection. They are very well crafted stories, with the right amount of suspense, horror, and scary elements. Well, I wouldn't say exactly scary, but it has a creepy tone that keeps you reading and reading to know what will happen next. All the stories deal with different approaches to love, but in a goth, non-conventional way. The characters are well developed and complex. The tone can be a bit creepy, but it is not too gory, and it includes some irony that can make you smile along the stories. It is the kind of black humour that you can laugh with. I have been surprised while reading the stories, because they hooked me up since I started reading. Enough proof is that I started reading the book yesterday night and I finished this morning. If you like horror stories and you think that Valentine's Day is not that cool as TV commercials want us to believe, this is the book for you.