Y's Punishment

Y's Punishment - Anya Breton Erotic novella with a plot of revenge and domination. When Amber got demoted in her workplace, she couldn't believe that her last customer had been so mean as to talk badly of her job. Feeling an irrational hatred towards the protagonist of her nightmares, Chris Young, her friend Olivia finds out the best way Amber can take revenge of Chris. A story of hatred, domination, attraction, and lust. What will happen? Will Amber get her so desired revenge over the man that ruined her career?

Written in a careful prose, the story flows effortlessly, so you can almost feel the same the protagonists are feeling. That is also thanks to the great descriptive power of Anya Breton, the author. Very vivid images appear in your mind while reading this steaming hot novella. It doesn't abuse of dirty language or swear words, as in other erotica books I have read. This book is not so focused on that; rather, it is focused on showing the change experienced by Amber, the protagonist, from the beginning to the end of the book.

Highly recommended as a hot weekend read if you are fond of erotica novels.