Idolmaker (Only In Tokyo, #3)

Idolmaker (Only In Tokyo, #3) - Jonelle Patrick I got a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Even though it is the third book in a series and I haven't read the previous ones... yet, I have enjoyed this book very much. Since every book deals with a different mystery, they can be read like stand-alone novels. I have always felt some sort of fascination for the Japanese culture and this book is a good example of how to reflect perfectly a different culture to the one the author belongs to. And the author does that in an amazing way.

In the wake of a deadly disaster, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Detective Kenji Nakamura and English translator Yumi Hata suspect a killer has seized a perfect opportunity to commit the perfect crime. There is an earthquake and a Tsunami in Tokyo, right the day when Yumi was going to get married. However, the wedding gets cancelled when they discover that the priest who was going to officiate the wedding has died in the earthquake. But his death doesn't seem to be an accident. Detective Nakamura starts investigating and discovers that the apparent death of a pop idol can be related to the priest's death. What's going on? Will they solve the mystery? Will Yumy get married after all of this?

The story is good and it has some twists that keep you turning the pages non-stop. The characters are very well developed and each of them has a distinctive voice. For me, that's a big achievement. However, I think that this book could have made good use of the inclusion of a glossary, because it contains a lot of Japanese words and expressions that weren't too clear for me. It shows that the author knows Japan and its language very well, but it can make the reader feel confused. It also had some predictable bits, but overall it is a great story and I highly recommend it to anybody who like reading thrillers set in different cultures. The descriptions are amazing without being overwhelming and it make you feel that you are in Tokyo. A good read.