Steam - Jessica Fortunato I got an ARC of this book by the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

I have read previous books by Jessica Fortunato and I have to say that I liked them better than this one. This one is fine, but judging by her other books, she can do much better. This story reads like a mixture of YA and Steampunk, with some touches of romance. Charlie is a girl who seems to be normal and ordinary, but once you know that she has a steam-driven heart you discover that she is quite extraordinary. Charlie cannot figure out what she can do with her life, but unexpected things will get in the way. Will she find the answers that she need? Is life worth of being lived?

This short book deals with very profound issues concerning life and humanity. The problem? As I said, the book is short. Too short. So short that I wish it had been longer so all those issues could have been further developed. I needed more. I also found typos and it could have used one more round of edits.

However, the story is enjoyable and good for a quick read.