Memoirs of a Gigolo - One: Melanie

Memoirs of a Gigolo - One: Melanie - Kyra Ishtari When I saw this book, I couldn't believe my eyes. This author uses the same title as a very well-established and popular erotica author, Livia Ellis. I know that sometimes you can find different books that share the same title, and that's fine. What's so wrong about this author using the same title as Livia Ellis' series of books? I have read this book and I don't see the "memoirs" or the "gigolo" anywhere. All I can see is a quite out of taste pornographic story about a sexual encounter between a woman and a male prostitute. I said pornographic, yes, because this story is not erotica at all; it's plain porn.

The writing is not very good, there is a flagrant lack of editing and basic proofreading, and there is no real plot. The characters are stereotypical, cliché, and totally flat. The story reads as if the author has collected a lot of sex-related words and has mixed them up. The result is this story. The male protagonist, who is supposed to be a gigolo, is not telling us his memoirs. He is just telling us in detail his sexual deeds.

So if you really want to read an authentic Memoirs of a Gigolo, look for Livia Ellis. She is the real thing.