Sisters In Love (Love in Bloom: Snow Sisters #1)

Sisters In Love (Love in Bloom: Snow Sisters #1) - Melissa Foster I was sent an ARC of this book by the author in exchange for my honest opinion. The book won't be available for purchase until September 9th, 2013.

I have enjoyed reading this book which is definitely women's fiction without being cheesy chick-lit. Danica Snow is a strong and independent woman who knows what she wants in life. Or does she? When she meets the local playboy Blake Carter, her world will suffer a radical change and she won't be sure about anything any longer. Can she trust him? Can she change enough as to have a relationship? Lots of things to consider and lots of things to change. Danica will struggle with her feelings, while at the same time struggling for being the support that her Little Sister and her biological sister need.

On the other hand, Blake's world is going to suffer a dramatic change too, a change that will make him reconsider a complete change of his attitude towards women. Is he in love? Can he go through Danica's barriers and find a place in her heart? The path won't be easy because he will have to deal at the same time with secrets from a friend and trying to support his friend's family. Things are not like he thought they were, and he will learn that reality can be deceptive. Will all that have an influence over his possible change in attitude?

This book is very well written, and even though it was a bit predictable, there were some plot twists that I couldn't see coming. I love that in a book. I love the surprise, the moment that makes me gasp or exclaim, "What the heck?!" This book has those moments, so they added to the pleasure of reading about the Snow Sisters, self-contained Danica and promiscuous Kaylie. In a way, they reminded me Elinor and Marianne, from Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, since they show with their behaviour two sides of the human nature: rational Danica vs. passionate Kaylie.

I loved the characters too, because you can see the change they suffer and you can go through the process with them, learning things along the way, just like them. That adds to the enjoyment and it helps to feel close to the characters too. I kind of hated Blake at first, but then I started liking him better, because I could see the struggles he was dealing with.

So it is a very good book if you like strong female characters who are not afraid of doing things and facing the consequences of their acts. Great romance for this autumn.