Memoirs of a Gigolo Volume Six

Memoirs of a Gigolo Volume Six - Livia Ellis We go on knowing more things about Oliver in this new installment of the Memoirs of a Gigolo series. However, the way of telling things has slightly changed in this book and I am not sure whether I like it. It kind of jumps from one place to the other, and even though there is a connection, sometimes I felt that I would have seen things further developed or better explained. In this story, Oliver is getting kind of bored about his job. Every single job in the world can become routine after a while, and being a gigolo, with all those schedules and timetables, can get really dull. One thing that it is very well achieved in this book is that the reader gets to feel Oliver's boredom towards what he does, so we can emphatise a lot with the main character. I missed seeing more about the rest of habitual characters in this book, but I am hoping they will make an appearance in future stories. Very enjoyable book, but my enjoyment got decreased by the amount of typos and by the odd formatting.