Memoirs of a Gigolo Volume Five

Memoirs of a Gigolo Volume Five - Livia Ellis I am a fan of the Memoirs of a Gigolo Series and of its author, Livia Ellis. That's a fact. Why don't I give her 5 stars then? Because I know that she can improve even more. I have loved this book and I think that the mixture of telling in the past and in the present is very well done. Oliver is changing. He is getting more mature because of a better understanding of his past. His adventures in Japan will make him think about past events that will make him understand better what he is doing with his life right now in the present. But his stay with the Samurai won't be what he was expecting and will have an impact in his relationship with Olga. What will happen? Read this book and you will discover it. Trust me, this series is amazing.