Grishma - Kelly Anne Blount I was sent a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

First of all, I must say that I have really enjoyed reading this book. I like fantasy books, but I was having problems to find good books in the genre lately. I am glad I managed to come across this one. Very well written, it engrosses the reader from the very beginning with its intrigue and suspense.

Ryder lives in contemporary North America, but he doesn't really fit in. Why so? Because he belongs to an alternative world, a world threatened by a horrible monster called Grishma who has kidnapped Ryder's family after killing his father. When Grishma appears where Ryder is, Brooklyn, a high-school girl, finds herself involved in the events and in another dimension. Trying to understand the new situation, while feeling she is having a crush on Ryder, they both will have to find the way to make Brooklyn go back to her home. But things won't be so easy... Vicious monsters, strange creatures, and Brooklyn being mistaken for a certain Princess Sophie will lead to a lot of adventures and misfortunes that must be surmounted if Ryder wants to be successful in his quest of taking Brooklyn back to her own world and rescuing his family after killing Grishma. Will he be successful?

The story is very entertaining and it will make you turn the pages non-stop until you finish the book. Characters with distinctive voices and well-developed personalities, although some of them were pretty predictable.

If I have to find something not so good, I would say that I found typos and that some parts of the story needed further development.

Highly recommendable for this summer holidays.