Calasade: Foolish Endeavors

Calasade: Foolish Endeavors - Mark   Stone With this book, prequel to Mark Stone's full novel Calasade: Strife, the author shows that he has a real knack for writing in the most medieval fashion, while making of the reading experience a very enjoyable one. Don't shy away from the words "medieval", because I can assure you that you will love this tale of greed, betray, murder, and sex.

Thalazar belongs to a noble family, but he doesn't like his family lifestyle. He wants to live adventures, to chase other dreams, to do things following his own rules and not those ones stated by his society. However, leading such a life can cause things to go terribly wrong.

The characters are very well characterised so they feel alive. The action scenes will keep you sitting on the edge of the chair, and some other parts will make you bite your fingernails until you see what finally happens. The style is impeccable and the writing is flawless.

Read this page-turner of a novella and you won't regret it. You will feel drawn to the world of Calasade and most probably you won't feel any wish to leave it any sooner.