The Metamorphosis of Elissa Brown (The Elissa Chronicles)

The Metamorphosis of Elissa Brown (The Elissa Chronicles) - Rebecca Lawrance I was sent a copy for an honest review.

I was expecting to read an interesting and great book, since the blurb had sounded quite good. I got disappointed very soon, and that's not good. There is really too much going on in this book as to keep the reader focused on the story. Such a mix of paranormal events and fantastic creatures in the same book is not likely to be a success, regardless of the author.

Elissa is a weird girl who is mainly ignored by everybody. Suddenly, one day her gorgeous neighbour Jaret hits on her and things start to change. People around Elissa start suffering some changes and paranormal things start happening. The idea is an original one, but the performance wasn't too good. The book is way too long and it drags at some points. The changes in POV are distracting and confusing and most of the many characters had the same narratorial voice. Add to that typos and oddly written sentences.

The book needs a reediting. I really think if the book is made shorter, it can be great, since the storyline is good. The problem is that the author included so many different elements that the book gets mixed up. The ending was a bit weird too. I had problems to sympathise with Ben and her behaviour.

To sum up, it took me a lot of time to get into the book, then the pace was quicker, but then it started dragging again. If it had been a shorter book, it would have been great.