Reckoning (Detective Bobby Mac Thriller, #3)

Reckoning (Detective Bobby Mac Thriller, #3) - R.S. Guthrie I was quite looking forward to the final book in the Bobby Mac series of thrillers. As usual, I wasn't disappointed. R.S. Guthrie has a way of engaging the reader with his words, so it is almost impossible to stop reading.

Some years have passed since the terrible events that made Bobby Mac lose his brother Jax happened, and he is living a quite happy life with his family. However, those happiness and peace won't last. Evil is always around, creating chaos, and provoking unexpected things to happen. When some weird murders start happening in the little town where Bobby Mac lives, he discovers soon that the circumstances are not normal. There are paranormal elements and he will know that everything is connected to that great evil that was trying to control the world on the last time they met. Bobby Mac's past is back to torment him, and surprises will make him wonder about the good and evil in the world.

If you like a thriller with paranormal touches and a TRULY unexpected twist at the end, this is the book for you. However, have in mind that this is the third book in a series, so most things won't make sense to you if you read it as a stand-alone novel, because it's not.

If I have to criticise something, it would be that there are parts that should have been developed further, since at times the events seemed rushed, but it's not something that spoils the reading. And the ending was a bit confusing for me.

Overall, it's a very recommendable book, quite suitable for a quick read while on the plane heading to your vacation.