Gnomes of Coyul: The Crystal Staff

Gnomes of Coyul: The Crystal Staff - Ben Ditmars I was very curious about this book since the very first time I heard about it. Having read other books by the same writer, and having loved all of them, I hoped and expected to love this one as well. I got a bit disappointed. The story is really good, but I think that this story would have worked better if it had been made into a short story or short novella.

The story of a gnome whose life gets way more interesting when he meets a human. Together with other gnomes, they all will live some adventures in their quest for the evil queen who is making the gnomes' lives miserable.

There are a lot of topics in this book, and I think it is a very clever way of criticising things that happen in our contemporary world. Love, war, death, and more are the topics that will keep you thinking while you read this book. It is an enjoyable read, but at some points I got confused. Add to that many typos, missing words, and left-aligned text (if a text is not justified, it distracts me, for some reason).

So an overall good book that just needs some editing polish.