Strike Zone

Strike Zone - Grettir Jacobs Political thriller with touches of romance, set in the Sixties, during the Cuban Missiles Crisis in the United States. I have read it from the beginning to the end, but I still think that it doesn't really makes a lot of sense to me. It started in a very promising way, and I knew that I would get hooked and love it. I was wrong. Very soon the story started to wander around, to the point that sometimes you are not very sure of what is going on, especially in the final chapters.

Margaret is a secretary working for the White House. She is a very superficial person, and she is presented as a girl who doesn't hesitate to sleep with older men if she can get a benefit. One day, she gets involved in a crisis; a crisis with spies, powerful men getting nervous, different agencies involved, and even international espionage. You know, the usual lot you find in every book of these characteristics. It seems that someone wants to kill Margaret for some reason, and we will follow her while she tries to escape. Margaret is simply annoying as a character, and the situations she gets in the middle of are totally unlikely, always having lucky escapes. Nobody is so lucky, not even fictional characters. The rest of the characters are flat and predictable. I won't spoil anything here, but I knew who were the "bad guys" almost from the beginning, and I wasn't mistaken. As for the conclusion of the book, well, it really didn't make any sense to me and I think it leaves lots of questions unanswered.

The romantic part of the story was not very interesting. Just Margaret falling in and out of love according to her whims.

Add to all that the many, MANY, editorial mistakes and typos. It was too distracting and it disrupted my reading sometimes; especially when I found some missing words.