Bad Romance (Romance is Dead) - C.L. Raven I have really enjoyed reading this collection of three short horror stories about love going bad. As the authors say, "Too much love can kill you". And you can see that in every one of the stories. Very well crafted, these stories mix horror and a very special kind of humour that makes you smile despite the events developing before your eyes. Very descriptive too, so it is easy to picture what is going on in your mind.

In the first story, Cupid messes around since he doesn't seem to be able to perform his duties in the right way. Unexpected things can happen when he is around. However, something totally unexpected will happen to him too... In the second story, an artist has a terrible secret. Why does his art look so real? His obsessions show in the art he does in a horrific way. In the third story, a ghostly bride has every intention to punish lovers who are not so faithful to their partners. How will she do that?

If you like horror stories with a twist and a touch of sarcastic humour, this is the book for you. Highly recommendable as a weekend read, for example, since it is a quick read.