Strangers on a Bus

Strangers on a Bus - Robb Logger I was requested a review of this book, so the editor sent me a free review copy in exchange of my most honest review.

I have really enjoyed quite a lot reading this true story of the author, Robb Logger, when he went on a bus trip from New York to his home town in Canada. It was such a funny read that it hooked me almost immediately. The result is that I have read it in three sittings. A romantic story with a very satirical and ironical tone, this story will make you laugh out loud (I did), go "awww", and even feel a bit sad. It has everything any reader would ask for in a book. The author keeps you hooked to his words by using the language in a very intelligent way, making literary, musical, and film references that are easily recognised by the reader. He has a very cool way of talking to the reader, so you feel like you are close to the events that are developing before your eyes.

When Robb hopped on the bus who would take him back to Canada, he wasn't expecting to meet someone that would change his life somehow. Meeting a girl who he will call Gertrude will turn the bus trip into something much more interesting, and will provide a lot of material to the book he was intending to write during the long journey. The book we can enjoy now. Follow Robb and Gertrude in this hilarious, romantic, ironic, emotional at times journey and you won't be disappointed.

The side characters that will appear along the story are well depicted and show the great skill this author has for creating memorable and realistic characters that will stay in your mind long after finishing the book. I didn't find any bad thing about this book, apart from some harmless typos and some too repetitive expressions.

I definitely recommend this book as the perfect weekend read. One of the best books I have read this year so far.