Memoirs of a Gigolo Volume Four - Livia Ellis I am an absolute fan of Livia's series of books about Oliver's adventures. As such, I have been really looking forward to reading this new installment. I was kindly gifted a copy by the author for an honest review.

I was surprised because the amount of sex scenes in this book is very low. In a way, I really liked that. It is nice to know more about the characters as individuals, seeing them around living normal lives and not only having sex all the time. I like the way the relationship between Oliver and Olga is heading to, even if they don't know yet. But it is something you can feel while reading. It is that sense that you know more than the characters that engage you to keep on reading, to know whether they are going to realise what you already know.

When Oliver goes on with his plans to marry a rich woman, Olga doesn't really like that idea. Will their relationship suffer from that? Will Oliver get the right bride? What will happen when they both travel to Japan to meet the Samurai? Don't miss this book because you are in for surprises and twists. I really liked the ending; it made me scream for more!

I cannot recommend this book more, and I cannot wait to read another installment of this interesting series.

The not so good things? I found typos and incorrect words :(