Interview With a Killer (Snatcher Series, #4)

Spell Bound (Love Cursed, #1) - Emma Weylin I have enjoyed very much this sexy, sizzling hot story that features some characters from the Memoirs of a Gigolo series, written by the same author, and which I highly recommend. Marcus, whose only concern in life was sex and getting as much pleasure as possible, discovers that things can get much more complicated when love is thrown in the mix. When Marcus meets Alejandro, his world will suffer a dramatic change, and he will have to make decisions that he never considered making. Will he succeed? Will their love be possible? Just read this amazing book and you will discover the answer.

We get to know things from two points of view: Marcus' and Alejandro's, so the story gets much more enjoyable and less biased. The characters are very well developed and the plot is a good one. There is also the right balance of plain story and sexy scenes, so if you think this is going to be a book plagued with sex scenes, like other porn books I have seen around, you are wrong. Sport of Kings is both sexy and emotional.

If I have to say something not so good about this book, I will say that I found some repetitive sentences and structures. But overall, I really recommend this book if you like fast-paced, sexy books. Another great book, Livia. Keep up with the good job!