Breaking the Nexus (Mythrian Realm, #1) - Lindsay Avalon I don't read a lot of paranormal romance books, but this one certainly surprised me. The story starts in a fantastic parallel world, Mythria, where there are legendary creatures and all kind of magical things happen. Very soon, this world gets in trouble and Sha Phoenix, one of the sentinels, falls through a gateway and appears in the real world, in the human world. Detective Connor Flynn cannot even imagine that the hot woman who just appeared out of thin air in the crime scene he is investigating will be essential for the events that will happen later on.

As I said, this is paranormal romance, and the romantic elements also appear very soon in the book, when Connor and Sha falls almost instantly in love. They will discover they feel a very spooky connection and things will get hot between them.

The plot is a great one, very surprising and original. As for the characters, they are well developed, although their voices sound quite similar. Great story, with twists and surprises all the way, so you cannot stop reading. It doesn't abuse of descriptions too, which is a good thing. I have read some fantasy books that bored me to death with so many descriptive paragraphs and pages. About the ending... well... why, Lindsay? WHY? She uses such a strong cliffhanger that it is going to be almost impossible to wait until the second book in the series is out. Seriously, I read the last sentence and I said, "No! This cannot be then ending of the book!"

To sum up, I have absolutely loved this book. Why only 4 stars then? Well, I am sorry, but I found typos and wrong words.