The Rainbow Stick Boy

The Rainbow Stick Boy - Michael Santolini I got an ARC of The Rainbow Stick Boy, both written and illustrated by Michael Santolini. This short children's book is really a delight to read. I give it 5 stars.

Besides, the illustrations make you get into the stories at another level, almost a magical one. The story and illustrations look very simple, but the story is a very deep one. It talks about a boy who is born different to the rest of the people in his town, the Rainbow Stick Boy. Since he is different, people start discriminating him. Along the book you get to know more of this peculiar and special character, the Rainbow Stick Boy, and you see how people start liking him better when something happens.

I think it is interesting that children read such a lovely book as The Rainbow Stick Boy, since they can learn how to accept differences. In a multicultural world, that is a very important value, and this book is successful in making you understand that differences are good and we must accept people who may look "different" to us.

The language used is also suitable for a children audience, and the illustrations make it easier to understand the text. The illustrations are very original ones, very creative, and they have surprised me quite a lot. I would certainly recommend this book for children.