Blackened Cottage

Blackened Cottage - A.E. Richards This interesting psychological thriller has been quite a surprise. Both for the story and for the format chosen. This book includes narration, letters, and diary entries, which add to the suspense and development of the story. The story of a woman who cannot recollect certain events from the past and who cannot figure out why she is feeling as if she is a different person. Her relationship with the people who surround her is a strange one, due to her fears and uncertainties.

Lisbeth lives in Blackened Cottage with her father and her brother Eddie. Her relationship with her father is not a good one, since it seems that he is a violent and unstable man. She longs to escape from the cottage, and she will find a friend in the forest. However, is everything what it seems to be? Can we be sure of what the true events are? Lisbeth will have to live through an ordeal to discover the truth, and the journey is not going to be an easy one.

This book is a very good example of how a brilliant character development can make of a book an amazing read. The many different characters, and the different voices and points of views, all add to the plot, revealing things at the right time, making you read and read to discover the truth. I especially loved the fact that you cannot be sure of who has evil intentions, since all of the characters seem to be up to something, something that won't be revealed until it is the right moment to do so. This is brilliant.

This story, which also incorporates some horror elements, will keep you hooked from the very beginning. Some of the descriptions, which are not too lengthy or unnecessary, are so detailed that you cannot help it but feel the same as the protagonist. It really made me shiver sometimes, giving me goose bumps.

I definitely recommend this book. I removed one star, though, because I found a diary entry and a letter that seemed to be misplaced. A formatting mistake? But apart from that, this book is sheer genius. Well done!