Groom and Doom: A Greek Love Story

Groom and Doom: A Greek Love Story - Theresa Braun The author sent me a copy of her book in exchange of an honest review.

The story of a woman and her reflections on her love life, wedding day, and honeymoon. When you have to deal with in-laws that don't really appreciate you, what can you do? In normal circumstances, everybody would try to cope with the situation as well as they could, but things are not so easy when you are getting married in a different country and you don't know why people are constantly offended or upset.

The premise of the book is a good one. The development of the story is not so good. The beginning of the story is confusing. It keeps on going back and forwards, talking about some people, then suddenly turning to talk about a different person, a different place, and even a different time. There is not a clear marking between what it is happening now and what is happening in a flashback. This lasted for more than the first quarter of the book, and I had to re-read some parts to fully understand what was going on. Then it comes the part set in Greece; that part is just fine. But later we have the part set in Venice; that part seems to drag forever, and, in my opinion, it doesn't really add anything to the story. It is always the same idea.

The characters are flat, passive, and transmit pessimism all the time. I was hoping all the time that the protagonist could do something drastic and epic to change the situation, but I got disappointed. The only positive note in the book is the reflections at the end.

The messy formatting of the book, as well as some typos and editing mistakes, contributed to my not enjoying the book.