The Bones of the Earth (Dark Age Trilogy, #1)

The Bones of the Earth (Dark Age Trilogy, #1) - Scott Bury I have absolutely loved this book and I was very sad when I reached the ending. Javor, the main protagonist, is a very special character and it is amazing to see the story and events develop through his eyes. Great book for lovers of both fantasy and historical fiction.
When the village where Javor lives gets attacked by a hideous creature, Javor's life will change dramatically. Join him in his way to Constantinople, a trip that will be full of dangers, finding enemies, dragons, and other creatures. Little by little, he will learn more about why the events happening are happening like that. People think that Javor is weird, but while you read, you discover why he is so special, and that was something that I loved about this book. It is sweet, it is innocent, and it is completely honest. One of my favourite characters from now on.
I highly recommend this book.
The only bad thing I found, and that's why I removed one star, is that there are many typos and some missing words. It doesn't make the reading difficult, but it can be a bit annoying.