The Templar Agenda

The Templar Agenda - John Paul Davis I started reading this book with very high expectations, but little by little I started to lose interest. The story is really good, but the long bits about history, which appear several times along the book, made my mind wander and want to skim them. Don't get me wrong. I am not saying this book is not worth of being read. It is really good, and it reminded me of Dan Brown. You can feel that the author has gone through a long and thorough process of researching for writing this book. Everything sounds plausible and the story has cohesion.
In this novel, the protagonist, a member of the Vatican Swiss Guard, has to protect the daughter of a very important banker who has been murdered. When more people related to the Vatican in some way start appearing dead, things get complicated, and it seems there is some kind of conspiracy. Are the Knights Templar behind the weird things happening? Are the protagonists in danger? Follow them in their way to solve mysteries coming from the past.
I liked the book. However, I found some bits a bit repetitive and dull. I have started to hate the word "slight" and "slightly" since it appears all over the book; more synonyms would have been welcomed. And I found typos and other mistakes. That made me give this book just 3 stars when I was planning to give it 5.