The Sin Collector: Thomas (The Sin Collector)

The Sin Collector: Thomas (The Sin Collector) - Jessica Fortunato Very interesting story about the early years of Thomas as a Sin Collector. Obviously, you need to read The Sin Collector first to fully understand this story. Otherwise, you would be quite at lost. This short story helps to understand better some events that happen in the original book, and it also sets the ground for future events, since there are open questions. I have read this story in just one hour (because I was interrupted several times), and I have loved it. Jessica Fortunato does a great job at creating atmosphere, and her vivid descriptions, which have the right length for the format chosen, make you get a very clear picture in your head of what is going on. Wonderfully crafted in a very clever way, the use of the flashback technique makes you be more engaged in the story. I cannot wait to read the second book in the series, and I definitely recommend both the book and this short story to everybody. I think they are unique because of the mixture of genres, but it is a mix that absolutely works, making the reader crave for more.