Hunt for the Phoenix (The Fusion Series, #1)

Hunt for the Phoenix (The Fusion Series, #1) - Christopher Byford,  Emma Byford I really think the idea for this story is really good, but I don't get they have fully developed it. The first chapters didn't make me want to go on reading; it wasn't till halfway in reading the book that I started to feel a bit more interested in it. I insist in saying that the story is a very good one, but, in my humble opinion, I think it needs more development. I couldn't really picture in my mind the world they were trying to create in the book. It was a bit confusing.

The characters are a bit flat, but that can be easily fixed in the following books in the series.

Everybody wants to control the Phoenix. When Dark meets Mana, the bearer of the Phoenix, his world completely changes. Decided to be her guardian, will he managed to keep her safe from Fusion and their evil plans? Is the Phoenix so important as to make a whole tribe fight for Mana? The plot is a really good one, but I kept on thinking that I wanted more.

Since this is the first book in a series, I would advice the authors to be extra careful when editing their next books. Grammar mistakes, messy punctuation, missing commas, and misspellings can really put the reader off.