Three's A Crowd

Three's A Crowd - Mary Lydon Simonsen Mary Lydon Simonsen is very well-known as a writer of Austen fan fiction. But in this case, she surprises us all with a mystery novella. It has nothing to do with Jane Austen, so I say that for a debut mystery story, she did really well. That is why I give her 4 stars.

Patrick Shea is a British copper, working for the Metropolitan Police. His big ambition is to promote so he can work for Scotland Yard. That is his dream. But his dream may be in jeopardy when one of his ex-girlfriends is assaulted one night. The past interferes in his daily routines and, even though he goes on with his work and solves some other cases, he will have to face that past and try to help Annie, the assaulted ex-girlfriend. Will he discover who assaulted Annie and why? Will he be able to confront his past?

Certainly Patrick Shea is a character that you won't forget that easily. Handsome, sexy, witty, you cannot ignore him. Depicted as a womanizer, you feel there is more about him, so you cannot dislike him at all. His instinct as a policeman and his charm will make him go along the story in a way that makes you read and read, just to know what will happen next.

The characters are quite realistic. You feel you can meet them in the streets and have a chat with them. They have well-developed personalities and that makes them be complex characters. You really can get an image of them in your mind.

A very enjoyable reading, I recommend it to everybody who likes a good mystery story. I am already waiting for the next installment of Patrick Shea's adventures.