The Hunter Inside

The Hunter Inside - David  McGowan This thriller with supernatural and horror twists by David McGowan has been quite a discovery. I was sent a copy to review by It has been a very interesting read. The different characters lead the reader into separate journeys, in which we can see their thoughts and their development. The plot is very original and it is quite surprising. When I started reading the book, I didn't expect what was going to start happening quite soon.

When police discovers that a man has been brutally murdered, Special Agent Sam O'Neill cannot imagine that he is going to be involved in a very complicated case, in which he will have to deal with a mysterious stalker, who seems to be terrorizing, menacing, and haunting three other possible victims. Even when that is bad enough, he will soon discover that this stalker can be a bigger danger to what everybody could have expected. This stalker has bigger plans that only a few know. The reader follow this man's journey, as well as the victims', to try to find and solve this case, preventing the murder of more people.

It is really well-written, because you can almost feel, touch, smell, what the characters are feeling, touching, smelling. By the use of a very evocative language, the reader gets involved in the story. You just have to read and read. You cannot put the book down. The characters evolve along the story, and you go with them in that symbolic process of changing, in the process of learning about what is threatening them.

Highly recommended. A great read for every occasion. However, I gave it 4 stars because there are some parts of the novel that I found repetitive. Notwithstanding, apart from that, it is a 5-star novel.