Descension (Mystic, #1)

Descension (Mystic, #1) - B.C. Burgess Since I started reading books written by Indie authors, this novel has been the greatest disappointment. I am a very fast reader, but this book took me forever. I had to force myself to go on reading, because I really felt like stopping reading it for good. I really don't like writing bad reviews, but in this case I cannot do another thing but do it. The book is full of details that reminded me of details in other books. In fact, I could recognise details, situations, and even similar names to the ones you can read in Harry Potter and Twilight. Clearly, the author is too influenced by her previous readings. Since this happens all over the book, I have to say that it lacks originality.

Plot: Layla is a girl who doesn't know what to do with her life after her mother's death. Then she is given a letter that reveals her everything about her past and why her life seemed to be kept in secret. She starts a trip to find her family in a different state and there she knows that she is a witch. She meets a boy, and he reveals secrets to Layla. When she finds her family, she puts on a magic ring and the ring tells her the story of her real parents and why she was kept hidden. And that's it. That's all you find in the book.

Characters: they are very flat, too perfect to be true, boring, and inexpressive. You don't get any emotion from them. Layla and Quin at the beginning of the book behave and act in the same way as Aedan and Rose in the rest of the book. Both couples of characters are described the same and they behave the same, and even say the same things.

This book is very descriptive, so the pace is very slow. Besides, the descriptions are dull and repetitive. You can find very similar descriptions all over the book, so you feel the action takes place always in the same place. The dramatic situations don't raise any feeling in the reader, and there is no suspense, since you know what is going to happen since at the beginning of the book you are given lots of hints.

This is the first book in a series. It doesn't contain any element to make you feel hooked, to make you look forward to reading more. I am not interested in knowing more about this series. I am sorry, but I cannot recommend this book.