Married To A Rock Star: The Road To Paradise-Anniversary Edition: 2

Married to a Rock Star: The Road to Paradise - Tami Parrington I started reading this book with high expectations, but very soon I got disappointed. I cannot give it more than 3 stars, mainly because the book is packed with such a big amount of typos that the reading is difficult at some points. Another thing that confused me was that Karen, the main female protagonist, is taller or shorter along the book. Sometimes she is tall, and some other times she seems to be short.

The story of Karen, a farmer's widow, who sees how her world turned upside down after the arrival of Izzy High,a rock star, to live in the farm next to hers. They fall in love almost immediately with each other, and their lives will experience some major changes as they have to struggle to make their relationship work. Karen's children, Izzy's crew and employees, friends, and family will do all they can to challenge their love. Will Karen fit in Izzy's luxury world? Will Izzy fit in Karen's world?

The characters are stereotypical, and they don't suffer much development along the book. From the beginning to the third part of the book, all you see is how Karen and Izzy love each other, have an argument, one of them leaves, then they make up and go back together. Once and once again. Karen is a character that humiliates herself all the time. As a feminist, her attitude got on my nerves. Izzy is the typical rock star that has the means to do and make others do as he says. You cannot like him at all, and sometimes he seems to be suffering from a bipolar disorder. Then, the sex scenes are dull and repetitive. As I said, that is till the third part of the book, because then things start happening at a very fast pace.

In the final quarter of the book you get lots of things. So many that you feel confused and sometimes you don't know what is going on. Secrets, a conspiracy to take revenge on both Izzy and Karen, problems with publicity, insecurities, and even nervous breakdowns. The things get revealed and cleared up eventually, but it doesn't flow in a smooth way. It would have worked better if those final things had been appearing along the novel, from the very beginning, not just at the end.