On Ellicott Street

On Ellicott Street - Davee Jones A very nice and enjoyable short story. If you like romance stories with a bit of spice on them, this is the book for you. The struggle of a mature woman to go on with life after her divorce. When she is thinking that she will be alone for the rest of her life, she meets a hot and gorgeous man, much younger than herself, who will show her that life can be still fully enjoyed.

The plot works well, and the story flows effortlessly as you follow the protagonist's train of thoughts. Her feelings are very well depicted, and you get to feel the same as herself. The protagonists are well developed and they are reliable ones. You feel that you can hang out with them and go for lunch or to have some drinks with them.

The language used was very suitable for the kind of story it is, and the style makes the story very easy to read. I love that, since sometimes I find difficult to read certain books due to the kind of language used or because they use a very difficult and complex style.

It contains sex scenes, but they are described in a delicate way, not sounding rude or dirty at all. So it is very enjoyable to read. Very suitable for a quick reading.