Dead on Demand

Dead on Demand - Sean    Campbell,  Daniel Campbell When I first heard about a novel that was going to be written in a maximum of 90 days, I thought that I definitely would need to read that book. My curiosity is huge, especially if the mystery and suspense deal with books. For those people who may think that a novel written in 2 months must be very bad and not worthy of reading I say, you are all wrong. Sean and Daniel Campbell have proved that it is possible to write a very clever, thrilling, and gripping thriller in such a short notice. Written by two different writers, you don't notice the change of writer. The language and style used are professional and very accurate for the kind of novel chosen. The story flows so easily that it is impossible to put the book down. I read it in 3 days (or 3 nights).

About the plot, it is quite original and clever. The main protagonist, Edwin Murphy, has the kind of perfect life that everybody could dream, till he discovers his wife wants to divorce him and leave the country with their daughter. He will plan a very complex plan to kill his wife and, in that way, recover the control of his life. But becoming a murderer is not that easy, and that's how his plan becomes more and more complicated. Is it possible to be a serial killer in the distance? How can the police, with David Morton on the lead, discover what is going on in the streets of London, where they are finding more and more dead bodies? Read this book and follow the steps the police follows to try to solve the mystery.

Lots of different characters in this novel, but every one of them has a very well developed personality, so you feel them quite real. You can pity them, be angry at them, and even take sides. This book will take you in a gripping journey throughout the darkest side of London and its inhabitants.

Highly recommendable. The perfect read for every occasion.