Megan's Way

Megan's Way - Melissa Foster Feelings, secrets, strong bonds, and supernatural elements are intertwined in this beautifully written novel by Melissa Foster. When Megan discovers that she is sick, she has to face a very difficult decision, mainly concerning her daughter, Olivia. Megan deals with the burden of being keeping secrets from the people she most love. What she is unaware of is that everybody around her are keeping secrets, secrets concerning all of them, secrets that can make their worlds shake.
Wonderful account of the relationships among a group of friends, and a wonderful reflection about the meaning of being family and of loving and sharing love with others. Powerful story about the power of love and about the ways people develop to deal with the pain of losing loved ones.
The pace of the novel is quite adequate, since it lets the reader know new information little by little, giving you space for trying to guess, although the twists are so unexpected that it is difficult to guess what is going to happen next. The building of suspense is so good that the story keeps you hooked almost from the beginning.
The characters are well depicted and seem quite real. Using a different register for Olivia, so she sounds like a real teenager.
If I have to find a flaw to this enjoyable and emotional book is that sometimes I found some vocabulary a bit repetitive. We love synonyms!