A Home with no Roof

A Home with no Roof - Wayne W. Whicher I loved the first book in the series, "Sunset Over the Hermes", and this one didn't disappoint me. Indeed, I think it is even better than the first one. It is a gripping story full of suspense and thrilling events. When a series of girls and young women start disappearing from cruise ships, Scott Matthias gets involved in the investigation, together with good friend Officer O'Malley. At the same time, they discover about the disappearance of a boy, who got lost while he was on a holiday with his mum. Surprisingly enough, this boy had also reached the island in a cruise ship. To complicate matters, there is a mysterious man in town, bothering poor homeless guys all over the island. Will Scott Matthias solve all the cases while he has also to cope with his own unexpected new personal situation?

This book is full of turns and unexpected twists that will keep you reading non-stop from the beginning to the end. Very clever use of the plot, just giving in the right amount of information necessary to keep the reader reading. While changing from one point of view to the other, you learn things in a progressive way, and you happen to make the same detective work as Scott Matthias at the same time as he is doing it. Although it is a thriller, it doesn't use a lot of technical language; I mean, cops talk in a particular way and they use a series of slang expressions. I am not a native speaker of English and I had no problems to understand anything, so it is a very well-written story.

If you loved Sunset Over the Hermes, you will love for sure this book. Get to know a new mystery to be solved by talented and compassionate Officer Scott Matthias, and follow his personal life after marrying Lily, that lovely character that we met in the first book. If you like reading novels with the right amount of suspense, mystery, action, and romance, this is the book for you.