L O S T (Clan of Macaulay)

L O S T (Clan of Macaulay) - R.S. Guthrie Black Beast, the first book in this series, was so good that obviously I was really looking forward to reading the second book in the Bobby Mac series. And I am very happy that my waiting for the book didn't disappoint me. This book is so good that it was really hard to put it down every night to go and have some sleep. The characters are so well described and their personalities so well developed, that you feel them as being very alive. Bobby Mac is one of those heroes that you cannot forget, one of those characters that will be forever in your mind, wanting to read more about him and about his whereabouts. Since this is a book about the battle between the good and the evil, we have good characters and bad ones. You will be surprised by all of them.
As for the plot, it just flows effortlessly from the beginning to the end. You get so hooked on the story that it is as if you are there, so good is the power of the words. R. S. Guthrie is a master of suspense. His words and the story keeps you glued to the chair, you just need to go on reading, to know more, to see if the end is going to be what you expect or a completely unexpected one. And you don't get disappointed.
And now I am quite looking forward to read the third book in the series. I declare myself a Bobby Mac fan. I declare myself a Rob Guthrie fan. Congratulations, Rob, you did it again!!