The Unseen Promise (Volume 1)

The Unseen Promise - Ellen Mae Franklin I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

When I started reading this book, I got hooked very soon since the premise was very interesting. However, when soon after that the setting and the story and the focus of the events changed, I felt kind of disappointed and started losing my interest in the story. This book contains so many characters, so many different stories within the main one, that you get lost very soon. One thing that kept making me feel confused was the use of different names to mention the same character; it was almost impossible to follow the actions and dialogues because the characters kept on being called different names all the time.

The hero of this book is not the kind of character that you can empathise with, first because it is a weak character, and second because it stops being the focus of the story way before you have read one half of the book. That was another problem too. This book is too long. It's so long that it mixes all kinds of creatures and stories that, honestly, made me wish that the book were shorter. After having read it, I can't even tell what it is about. And it is a pity, because the premise was good, really good. However, I think that the mixing of so many elements deprives the story of the enjoyment that it could have provided if the story were clearer.

I repeat, it is a pity, because the writing was really good, but the story fails. When you create new worlds, you have to make sure that the reader follows you in the journey, and that could have been done in a better way in this book.