Collateral Damage: An Annie Ogden Mystery

Collateral Damage: An Annie Ogden Mystery - Frederick Lee Brooke I was sent a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

I have enjoyed this book, which mixes the right doses of mystery, thriller, and romance as to keep you hooked reading while you turn the pages and the hours pass by and then you realise you should have gone to bed long time ago, but you don't care because it was totally worth it.

Annie Ogden is an ex combatant in the Iraq War who works as a sleuth with her boyfriend, Salvatore. Things seem to go in the right direction for the couple, but when Annie's ex-boyfriend comes back, everything is going to get too complicated. How can Annie cope with an ex-boyfriend with stalkerish tendencies and a very jealous fiancé? What if things get even more complicated by a bossy sister and an obsessive brother-in-law? What if we add murder to this? We get a very thrilling book that is worth reading.

We get to see the story told at different points by different characters, so we learn things from different points of views. I don't really like it when books are written using the first-person narrator, but in this case it was very well done and you don't get lost because every chapter tells you who the narrator is. The character development is fine, since all the characters are quite complex and not stereotypical.

I found very few typos and the ones I did find didn't interfere with the reading of the story. However, I predicted the ending when I had read a bit more of half the book, so that's my reason for removing one star (one penguin in my blog).