An Untimely Romance

Untimely - L. Wells, J.  Wells I was sent a free copy of this book by the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

Heather Richardson is a naive 17-years-old girl who lives in an old British manor with her parents. Everything seems to be fine in her life until she meets Ruben, an older guy who grows an interest in her almost immediately. Things get even more complicated when Frank appears all of a sudden; Frank seems to come from past times and he insists on being an old acquaintance of Heather. But apart from dealing with her mixed feelings for both guys, Heather will also have to deal with visions and dreams of events and people belonging to the nineteenth century. Is she going crazy? Is this some kind of message from the past?

Well, basically I have liked the story, but I really think it is a bit messed up and unbalanced. You start reading and, more or less half-way along the book, the story changes and you feel you are reading two books in one. If I am not mistaken, it was co-written by two authors, and it shows at times. The characters throw a message that I didn't really like. Ruben has clearly issues, serious issues, and Heather shows no personality at all, proved by her behaviour. I won't elaborate here in order not to include spoilers, but the message is not very positive.
The characters are kind of flat, the plot was kind of predictable, the descriptions are repetitive (why is everything in cream colour? Why every single guy's voice is husky? Why every time Heather enters the manor and goes to a bedroom, her steps are described basically in the same way?), and there are inconsistencies and things that are not fully explained.

To sum up, it's an interesting story, but I am sure it could have been better.