Have No Shame

Have No Shame - Melissa Foster I received an ARC copy of this book from the author, in exchange of an honest review.

Living in the deep South, in a traditional family with strong and prejudiced values, young Alison thinks that her life is perfect. She is even going to marry the handsomest guy from high school! However, life in Forrest Town, Arkansas, is not as idyllic as Alison thinks. There is a huge difference between life for white people and colored people. Segregation is everywhere, and she starts realising that fact when she discovers the body of a black man. Knowing that someone has beaten that man to death, and knowing some other things about people she knows, will change her way of looking at life and the world in general. And things will get even more confusing for her when she becomes friends with a black young man. Confusing and dangerous. Will Alison be able to fight against racism, against prejudices, and against herself to become the woman she would like to be? Will her love for Jackson be enough? This book is an amazing and moving story of what meant to be black in the racist South of the States.

This book gripped me from the beginning, since the beginning is quite shocking and raw that you cannot do but go on reading so you can find out what's going on. The story is fast-paced, but not rushed, so you get the right amount of information at the right time. The characters are very well depicted and developed, and you will feel withdrawn to feel with them. I was really moved while reading several passages of this book. Even though I found some things predictable, I have loved and enjoyed this book so very much. You can safely read any book written by Melissa Foster; they never disappoint the reader.