A Celtic Tapestry

A Celtic Tapestry - Miranda Stork;Livia Ellis;Tara Stogner Wood;Elle J Rossi;Laura De Luca;Elodie Parkes;Carolyn Wolfe;Hunter S Jones I was given an ARC in exchange of an honest review.

This collection of adult short stories is like a rollercoaster. Some of the stories are fantastic and make you read fast, and other stories make you say "meh..." Why? Because the pace was too slow and the characters a bit lame. But I am sure that with a bit more of work, they can be extraordinary, since the premises are good ones. I enjoyed reading most of these adult, some erotic, some paranormal short novellas set in different settings, but all of them related to the Celtic tradition. Very different voices all joined together in this collection. It's a very interesting and overall entertaining read.