Cloud Atlas: A Novel

Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell At first, I thought that my review would be "I don't like this book at all", but then I thought that it wouldn't be fair for the people who actually read my reviews. The beginning of the book is a very bad one: it drags forever, the language is complicated, and the writing is messy. Apart from that, the story is not interesting at all. Why the author chose to put that story first is something that I cannot understand. Supposedly, you have to make the reader feel like they cannot put the book down. It took me forever to go past the first pages, but I forced myself to go on, since I hate stopping reading books at such an early stage. Once I managed to finish that first story, I felt like some of my neurons had committed suicide, so I decided to skim-read the following story. It was equally badly written and uninteresting, so I started hopping from one page to the other, trying to find a point in which the book would actually hook me up. It totally failed to do so. I will never try to read this book again. It just boggles my mind, and not in a good way.