Secrets of Ghosts: forgotten Orphans An Abandoned Church Too Many Secrets

Secrets of Ghosts - Mardi Orlando This book has been quite an interesting read. It got me hooked from the beginning. A story of ghosts and mysteries that will keep you reading from beginning to end. Even though at the beginning it may seem a bit messy, since it keeps on going from the present time to the past, via some newspaper clippings and articles, once you get to know the different characters and what is going on, it is very easy to follow.

A group of teenagers from different parts of the world are recruited by a secret society. When they discover that the place where they have left abandoned is haunted by a group of ghosts, they must face their own realities and lives to try to help this ghosted kids. All these teenagers have been chosen because they have some kind of gift or ability, like the ability to heal, the ability to read minds, the ability to control fire, or the ability to hear the statics from the ghosted ones.

By helping the ghosts, the teenagers will help themselves too, since they start to understand things about their own lives in a better way, confronting their fears and accepting their fates. The development of the characters is very good, although sometimes they look a bit stereotypical. I am Spanish, and I found the Spanish character in the book highly annoying, mainly because of the language and grammar he used. By the middle of the book, I was wishing that he could stay silent till the end of the book.

The plot is a great one, and the author did an amazing job linking both the present time and the time when the World Wars took place. We go back and forwards in time in this book, but the transitions are smooth and you don't get lost too much. However, sometimes I felt the newspaper accounts should be shorter, since they weren't adding to the story.

If you like ghost stories with a twist and a bit of history, this is the book for you. I highly recommend it, and I would have given 5 stars to it if it hadn't contained typos.