Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty Shades Freed  - E.L. James Well, I started reading the third book and I got annoyed very soon. The editing was very bad, and that really spoils a book. It definitely does. The repetitions continued appearing once and once again all over the book. You get to be tired of reading always the same expressions and images.

In this book you start seeing a serious change in the personality of the characters. Anastasia gets more reckless and stubborn, and Christian gets less the Dominator and more a boy in love. There is a lot of sex, as in the rest of the books, but it is not so kinky as before, but when it gets kinky, it is pretty unreliable (unless you are an acrobat working for a circus). We get to know more enemies of the couple: Christian's life is threatened, and Anastasia is followed by people who try to kidnap her. There are some paragraphs that are really thrilling, but then they lose steam and the reading becomes dull (mainly because of the bad editing).

Unexpected events will shake Christian's perfect world, making him think that maybe he should change. So the ending of this trilogy is not what people would think. It is too sweet and perfect. I agree with some other people's reviews, in which they say that they would have loved to see more of Christian's point of view. We get a glimpse at the end of the book, and it made me to know more about it.

In fact, I read the whole trilogy in the hope that the author was going to develop in a better way Christian's story, the story behind his behaviour, the story behind his traumas and demons. Maybe the author is planning to write more books, this time under Christian's point of view?