Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James Well, I was expecting things to improve in this book, but I was very disappointed. Obviously the character of Anastasia was not going to be strong enough as to stay firm in her choices. But I wasn't expecting that she was going to run back to Dominator Christian so quickly and so eagerly. The title is misleading too. In this book you can see the change in Christian Grey, so he is not the Dominator as in the first book. In this book he is more like a control-freak, extremely-jealous boyfriend.

What did I like about this book? Well, there is a bit of thriller and mystery. When Christian knows that someone is trying to harm Anastasia, he becomes even more controlling. In this book, Anastasia has to face a harassing boss and women from Christian's past. It made the book more interesting and less centered in the sexual parts.

What did I hate about this book? Repetitions and poor editing. I found typos! And I am sure that even the least talented writer can find more expressions to describe a couple that is sleeping while hugging than "Christian was wrapped like a vine around me". You can see that sentence all over the book. Once and once again. And the editors didn't do a great job either. Well, they should have corrected the repetitions too, right? Some paragraphs are difficult to read due to weird grammar.

Anyways, taking into account that the book ended in a very suspenseful way, I decided to read the third book in the trilogy. So now go and read the third review :D