Austentatious - Alyssa Goodnight I think that I would have given 5 stars to this novel if I hadn't found some odd things (motorbikes that appear and disappear, for example), or if I were a native speaker of English. Or even better, if I were a native from Texas. The author uses acronyms a bit too much. Maybe those acronyms are clear for people whose mother tongue is English, but I didn't understand them and sometimes I was a bit lost about what they were talking about. And Nicola, the main character, is the kind of character that gets on my nerves.

Apart from that, it is an enjoyable novel, full of romance and hints taking us to the world of Jane Austen. The plot is quite original, even though it is not the first time we read about journals that speak to the ones writing on them (remember Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?). But nonetheless it is a good book, quite entertaining, and I liked it a lot. I am a sucker for a good romantic story, and a sexy Scotman is a good hook to keep you reading. The story keeps you wondering what will happen next, what will happen when Nicola checks the journal, or what will happen when she is about to meet what destiny has in stock for her. The magical element is interesting and gives this book an original twist, making it stand out from the others books belonging to the category of "Austen fan-fiction".

A variety of different characters will play a certain role along the novel, and all of them will contribute to the development of the story in some or the other way. So, if you like a romantic novel about sexy encounters spiced with a bit of magic, this is the book for you.